Shipping Policy



On each product description you will be able to see where the product is made and where we can ship it.

- For almost all the products we offer FREE shipping to the US.

- Some products can be shipped to Canada as well. You will see this info on each product description. Shipping costs - if any - will be seen during the checkout.

- A very limited number of products (pet memorial stones made from slate) can be shipped worldwide.

- Tracking number provided for all shipments.

Processing time and Estimated Delivery Time

  • We will do our best to process your orders and ship them to you within 4-5 business days, depending on the complexity of desired personalization.
  • We will search for the best Currier option in order to receive your orders as soon as possible.
General Information
  • You will be provided with a tracking number, so you can track your order.
  • All buyers are responsible for knowing the regulations of their countries customs fees and tariffs if applicable.  Buyers must pay the customs fees or other tariffs in accordance with their country's shipping restrictions. We do NOT collect customs fees, nor do we have anything to do with them, so please, make sure you understand the customs fees of your country.
  • We cannot pay for your customs fees and we will not take returns or refund money if a buyer refuses to pay their customs fees. It is a buyer’s responsibility to be aware of their countries customs fees or tariffs and pay them if any.
  • Please be sure to be precise when entering your mailing address for shipping.