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Pet Memorial Frame, Personalized Pet Memorial Portrait, Custom Pet Remembrance

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It is always hard to lose a beloved pet, but this Pet Memorial Portrait is a great way to keep it's memory alive.

Cherish the memory of a loved pet who was dear to your heart. 

MADE in the US and SHIPPING ONLY to the US and CANADA.

- developed on bright white, acid-free, 100% cotton-based paper with a rich, velvety, watercolor texture
- produced at photo-quality resolution
- fits any standard-size frame, which can be found easily both locally or online 
- customized specifically to the information you provide us (photo, text, etc.)
- features ONE pet per portrait. We currently do not offer portraits featuring more than pet.

This is digitally-mastered artwork and not hand-painted or hand-drawn.

Chose the desired style as shown in the pictures: pop up, circle, or fade out

Chose the desired color and text style as shown in pictures

30 days production time needed this time of the year

How to send your desired personalization: USE the ABOVE FIELDS, or by email at:

  • Pet Name and a short quote if you chose the text included option
  • High resolution photo of your pet. The higher the photo quality, the better the resulting artwork. The more detail you see in your photo, the more detail you'll see in the portrait.

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